Airfryer goes digital, gives you the same deep-fried taste without the grease

Deep-fried food sure tastes good, but the amount of oil used in the process may not necessarily be good for you.

Philips Airfryer Digital
Intuitive digital touch display

With a successful rollout of its original Airfryer, Philips has unveiled a digital version of its popular kitchen appliance  for those who are trying to eat healthier at home.

By using the so-called ‘Rapid Air’ technology, the original and digital Airfryers cook food in a concealed container by using high-temperature air.

Without making much compromise in taste or nutrients, yam fries, chicken wings or even muffins can all made in an Airfryer within 45 minutes.

A recipe book, included with the merchandise, will also give you step-by-step instructions on how to cook a delicious, presentable meal.

Modifications and new ideas are strongly encouraged, of course, depending on your personal preferences and style. The original version of the Philips machine is now available for $249.99, while the digital version is available for $299.99 at the Bay.

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