Amazon cracking down on alleged fake reviewers

Amazon's war on fake reviews
Amazon’s war on fake reviews

Amazon, one of the world’s¬†largest online retailers, is taking legal actions against more than 1,000 product reviewers who advertise their services for providing fake reviews on sites like For as little as $4 apiece, these reviewers would write up a positive¬†review on a product they have never seen to help you make purchases.

According to some media reports, nearly 1 out of 3 reviews are fake online.

The lawsuit, filed in Washington State Superior Court by the Seattle-based company, marked the latest effort by Amazon to take such actions against fraudsters on its site.

This isn’t the first time Amazon has filed this sort of lawsuit against fake reviewers. The online retail giant sued a dozen of sites earlier this year (in April) that offered similar product reviews.

In this latest lawsuit, Amazon has targeted 1,114 defendants who allegedly advertised their fake review services on the freelance job marketplace, Fiverr, however, was not named as a defendant in Amazon’s lawsuit.