Apple makes the most dismal announcement

Apple unveils six OS and other upgrades
Apple unveils six OS and other upgrades

Surprised that Apple stock didn’t plunge today after the most dismal product announcement made at its annual developers conference.

No one cares about Woody or Buzz Lightyear (from Toy Story) being available on the new Watch OS! It’s not the Disney or Pixar cartoon characters we want to hear from Tim Cook.

Apple simply failed to talk about its flashiest money-making maching: an update of its popular iPhone.

The entire session held in San Jose, California on Monday was all about Apple’s updated OS for its TV, Watch and other operating systems.

The main focus was on these 6 rollouts:

1. Apple’s TV OS

That’s right. Amazon is teaming up with Apple to increase their content and distribution channel. It’s a been a long road for Apple TV customers who like to watch Amazon Video. A feud between the two tech giants has kept Amazon’s library off the Apple set-top box. But the two companies appear to have buried the hatchet and bridged the gap for their customers. Amazon Prime will soon be available on Apple TV.

2. WatchOS gets an upgrade

Siri is getting smarter on the Apple Watch, with a new watch face that uses the assistant to set up a feed of your day on your wrist. The watch face, which seems like a mash-up between Google Now and your Facebook feed, will show you photos of old memories from previous years and make recommendations. For example, if you’re close to hitting your activity goals for the day, the watch face will tell you exactly what you need to do to achieve your goals.

3. Home hub is here

This may be the best news out of this WWDC this year. The HomePod is Apple’s smart speaker. It’s Tim Cook’s answer to Google Home and Amazon’s Echo line. The Apple speaker will respond to voice commands using Siri and is closely integrated with Apple’s Music services. The speaker will also be able to sense the size of the room using acoustics. It will also work with Apple services such as Messages and its smart home appliance platform, HomeKit. And just like its competitors, the HomePod will provide information on news, general knowledge, weather and sports scores.

4. New Mac OS

Apple also unveils its new operating system, while its Macs get a refresh. The next operating system is called High Sierra and will be a free update to the current Sierra system. Apple also plans to refresh its desktop, notebooks and its latest iMac Pro.

5. iOS 11 gets some redesigns

Control center, Apple Pay, GPS and Siri will all get a fresh.

6. New iPad Pro models and new productivity features

Apple said it has also refreshed its iPad Pro line, upping the basic screen size of the higher-end tablet to 10.5 inches, rather than the 9.7-inch screen that has been the basic iPad’s screen size since it was introduced.


— from staff and other news reports