Best countries in the world: report

Top countries in the world? Hint: Look at the G20 roster!
Top countries in the world? Hint: Look at the G20 roster!

What country is the best in the world? The answer may vary depends on who you ask.

But a recent survey, conducted by US News & World Report, the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School and global brand consultants BAV Consulting, said the best country in the world is Germany.

Umm… based on what?

The ranking was unveiled this week in Davos, Switzerland at the World Economic Forum where German stateswoman and chancellor Angela Merkel was present with other leaders from the other G20 countries.

The top 20 on the list was pretty much the roster of the participated countries. Canada was ranked at No.2 , while Britain was named as the third best country in the world.

Surprisingly, the United States was placed behind those three in the fourth place. Americans, however, were ranked No. 1 in power and No. 1 in terms of leadership – two powerful indicators of its global standing. But there is evidence that other nations are nipping at its heels.

The U.S. was ranked No. 2 in terms of political influence after Russia, and No. 2 in terms of economic influence, after China.

Again, really?

Rounding out the top 10 included Sweden, Australia, Japan, France, the Netherlands and Denmark.

Denmark doesn’t exactly have any political clout in the world, while the French economy is down the drain. Not sure how accurate this list is, but somehow it has garnered plenty of attention from major media outlets across North America.