Beyoncé’s little secret with HBO

HBO drops hint of a secret Beyoncé project
HBO drops hint of a secret Beyoncé project

With zero clues given like those who still think Donald Trump may be a good leader for America, HBO released a trailer on Saturday featuring pop superstar Beyoncé in slow-mo for a mysterious project called Lemonade.

In a clip that’s less than 20-second long, Beyoncé didn’t even bother to show her face but rocked cornrows similar to the look she was sporting in the Black Lives Matter-themed “Formation” music video.

Half way through the promo clip, you hear the entertainment super diva and marketing extraordinaire whispers, “what am I gonna do?”

So what is Lemonade? Some speculate it could be the title of Beyoncé’s next album, or it can be a secret TV project jointly created by HBO and Queen Bey herself.

Whatever it is… the mystery will get uncovered on Saturday, April 23 at 9 p.m. ET.