Charlie Sheen confirms he’s HIV-positive

Actor Charlie Sheen reveals he is HIV-positive.
Actor Charlie Sheen reveals he is HIV-positive.

“I am here to admit that I am HIV positive,” Charlie Sheen told Matt Lauer this morning on the Today show. The 50-year-old actor then told the NBC morning program that he believes that he contracted the virus about 4 years ago.

“It’s a turning point in one’s life,” said Sheen. But other harsh reality was that some of those close to him were threatening to take the information public.

After revealing his HIV status to certain confidants, Sheen told Lauer that “the truth became treason.”

“How many people have you paid?” Lauer at one point asked Sheen during the interview to keep the information silent. “I don’t want to guess wrong. But (it was) enough to bring in into the millions,” Sheen responded.

The former ‘Two and a Half Men’ star said he doesn’t know how he contracted the virus that causes AIDS but stressed that he doesn’t feel any stigma attached to it.

In an open letter from the actor himself, Sheen said he has not missed ‘a beat, a med dose, or one shred of guidance, (and) quickly my viral loads became undetectable.’

As for those who he had been intimate with since knowing his HIV status, Sheen said the two individuals had been under the care of his doctor and were fully aware of his condition in advance.