Charlie Sheen to announce he’s HIV positive: reports

Actor Charlie Sheen to announce he’s HIV positive on ‘Today’
Actor Charlie Sheen to announce he’s HIV positive on ‘Today’

Rumors, tabloid magazines and gossip sites have been speculating for months about who could be the reported Tinseltown womanizer who is HIV positive. The UK Sun even went a step further last week by indirectly identifying all of his exes and past flings.

But today, several media outlets unveiled that actor Charlie Sheen is ready and will finally confirm his HIV status on the Today Show tomorrow in a sit-down interview with Matt Lauer.

Although it’s none of our business in terms of who is HIV positive or negative (unless we are intimately involved with the individual), reports have been circulating that a Hollywood megastar who might have slept with, and possibly infected, other semi well-known actresses and models.

NBC’s morning program even tweeted, or teased, saying that the ‘Two and a Half Men’ and ‘Anger Management’ star will give a ‘revealing interview’ when he sits down with Lauer on Tuesday.

Sources close to the program said Sheen will disclose that he is indeed HIV positive.

Earlier today, Access Hollywood reported that Sheen’s ex-wife, actress Denise Richards, has known Sheen’s HIV status for ‘years,’ but she (herself) and their two daughters were not infected.