Facebook is taking a second look of the ‘Other’

 Facebook is changing the way how strangers contact you

Facebook is changing the way how strangers contact you

Social media giant Facebook said on Wednesday it is taking another look at the ‘Other’ folder for your Messenger messages.

By killing this secondary folder labelled ‘Other,’ Facebook said all messages from those outside of your network will come straight to your primary inbox. They will be labelled as new ‘message requests’ first. You can then choose to accept or delete after reviewing the sender info.

The idea, as Facebook described, is giving all users a way to contact you but without any obligation on your part.

But in reality, it means you will see every message (even from strangers) coming to you without going to that spam-like folder first.

Facebook claims that all senders will still need your full name to find and send you messages. You can view the original request, which includes some information about the sender such as their name, location and mutual friends, without them knowing. Whether to respond or not will all be up to you.

Traffic to the ‘Other’ message folder has consistently been weak, while the position of the tab hasn’t done much to help. Perhaps this is why Facebook is taking a second look at this unnoticeable feature of its site.

Meanwhile, Facebook CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg is on a trip to Asia this week, visiting two of the world’s most populous countries (China and India), hoping to get millions more people on to his social media network.

Facebook stock reached an all-time high this week as Wall Street is anticipating a good earnings report, due on November 4. Some analysts even forecast the stock to rise as high as $125 per share in the near future.

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