How much will the new iPhone prices drop?

Apple's iPhone 6S
Apple’s iPhone 6S

Now that the new iPhone is available in Canada, some of us begin to wonder when the prices will drop.

Apple unveiled its new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus late last month with a much-anticipated hype. But some critics and customers simply don’t agree with the steep prices that came with only a handful of new features.

If we can take a chapter out of the Canadian telecom history, carriers (such as Rogers, Bell and Telus) will most likely run some promotions on these flashy new phones by mid-November.

But ‘by how much’ is really the question.

From the sources we talk to, the prices will be shaved by as much as 15% by Cyber Monday.

Below you will see the prices (with a 2-year contract) with the three Canadian carriers and the actual prices if you were to buy it unlocked.

Current iPhone 6S with a two-year contract

16GB: $400

64GB: $530

128GB: $660

Current iPhone 6S Plus with a two-year term

16GB: $530

64GB: $660

128GB: $790

Current iPhone 6S unlocked from Apple

16GB: $899

64GB: $1,029

128GB: $1,159

Current iPhone 6S Plus unlocked from Apple

16GB: $1,029

32GB: $1,159

64GB $1,289

The new iPhones are available in gold, silver, space grey and rose gold (a new colour for the 6S).