Intimate boatel on the water of Copenhagen

CPH Living at night
CPH Living at night

If you seek a nice, romantic getaway to Copenhagen, Denmark, you may want to consider this small boutique hotel named CPH Living that sits right on the main canal.

Expect very little privacy though, as the windows separating the room and the water, and the bathroom are simply just a piece of tinted glass.

For those exhibitionist travelers, or couples who are into displaying it all, this would be the perfect place for you.

Since I am only be a semi-exhibitionist, this place felt a bit too exposed at times.

The view in the morning, either from your hotel bed or from the rooftop, is quite breathtaking. It puts you in a sense of ‘wow, I am truly in Europe.’ Make sure you bring the breakfast to the rooftop.

As a specialty hotel in Europe, I give this hotel a pretty high recommendation. But as previously stated, the room may be a bit small and your privacy may be in question.

Click here for more information on the hotel.

Note: Those who are scared of spiders, you may get turned off by some of those little creatures crawling near your bay windows.