Last-minute gift idea: Surface Pro 4

Microsoft's Surface Pro 4.
Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4.

It’s no secret that the PC market is on the decline, and Microsoft is doing everything it can to counter that.

With the release of Surface Pro 4, the software giant might have found a way.

Like many of you who were frustrated by a lack of quality apps for Windows tablets, we at Geektown have never truly considered purchasing a Windows-operated tablet. Anyone who has ever stepped into a classroom nowadays would have also told you that Apple has won more hearts in that demographic than PC.

When Microsoft unveiled this latest generation of its Surface tablet in the fall, we were somewhat skeptical. None of the earlier versions have garnered much of our attention, and we didn’t think the newest release would have made any difference.

But after hearing a friend singing the praises of the Pro 4, we have decided to give it a more in-depth look.

With the first touch, you would distantly understand how much effort Microsoft has made in the hardware of creating this latest version of Microsoft’s ‘iPad killer.’

The Surface Pro 4 has a wonderful foundation in design. The bezel (the outside frame of the screen) was built with thoughtful details. Equipped with a bigger and more impressive-looking 12.3-inch screen, the new 6th-generation Intel processor inside is also faster than ever. Operated by Windows 10, the Pro 4 is user-friendly and accessible.

The new optional keyboard, which is sold separately, features wider spaced island-style keys and a larger touch pad with a better touch surface. Even though it’s an additional $170, you don’t want to purchase this Surface Pro 4 without it.

Even though we may have selected the Surface Pro 4 as our last-minute gift idea to you, please be warned there may not be enough to go around. For those who wish to have this Surface as a Christmas gift, the word on the street is that the latest Surface tablet may be close to selling out. At a starting price of about $1180, the Surface Pro 4 is truly more than a tablet.

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