‘Crisis’ averted by Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock in 'Our Brand Is Crisis' with actor Joaquim de Almeida.
Sandra Bullock in ‘Our Brand Is Crisis’ with actor Joaquim de Almeida.

If it weren’t for her, you probably wouldn’t have bought the movie ticket anyways.

In David Gordon Green’s ‘Our Brand Is Crisis,’ Sandra Bullock and her less appealing counterpart Billy Bob Thornton starred as rival political consultants hired to save two competing election campaigns in Bolivia.

Where I find conflicted with the plot is that normally the American government would try to influence a local election in a foreign country by helping their ‘preferred’ candidate. Whether it was to protect U.S. interests or global sanity, they would try to help that one and only. But why would a second Bolivian candidates, in this movie, also hired an English-speaking consultant, played by Thornton? Not sure why there would be two super white-looking American campaign managers embroiled, fought against each other in a Latin American presidential election.

That was my first impression.

Co-produced by George Clooney, ‘Crisis’ was only smoothing on the eye because of its 50-year-old female lead. Like in the movie ‘Gravity‘ where a storyline was weak, Bullock was fun to watch and always skilled as an actress.

This political drama is not nearly as good as Ben Affleck’s Argo, nor it’s as interesting as Ryan Gosling’s The Ides of March. I would recommend watching it only when you have nothing else to do, and it just happens to be available on Netflix.

Warner Bros.’ ‘Our Brand Is Crisis’ is scheduled for release in North America on Friday, October 30.