Say ‘Hello’ to Adele’s new single

Adele's latest single 'Hello' in her new album '25'
Adele’s latest single ‘Hello’ in her new album ’25’

The complete track of Adele’s much-anticipated new single ‘Hello’ was finally made public on Thursday. Nearly 30 seconds of the song from her upcoming album ’25’ was teased last weekend during the broadcast of The X Factor in the UK.

Adele said on her website that her last record was all about break-ups. And if she had to label  her next album, she would call it a make-up record.

This is the first album since her chart-topping, record-breaking release in 2011 with ’21.’ But yesterday, fans finally got to hear the complete track of ‘Hello,’ ahead of her album drop on November 20.

Here’s the video of ‘Hello’: