The Lion In Your Living Room documentary seeks cat stars


Would you invite a wild animal into your living room? Hold your tongue, or paws, before giving your answer.

We know that the campiest and the most vicious conflict between humans are named after them, but yet they are the most popular pet in North America. Some people’s love for them are so great, it makes their own spouses jealous and even feeling more like an outsider.

They are the cats of our lives.

The Lion in Your Living Room – Teaser

The Lion In Your Living Room documentary seeks cat stars
The Lion In Your Living Room documentary seeks cat stars

As you are reading this post, there may be one staring at you right now, wondering why you aren’t feeding them or brushing them. Their sole purpose in life is to be taken care of by somebody. They purr or meow and lounge around like the real housewives you love to hate and hate to turn away from.

But how much do you really understand their kind?

“We don’t really know them at all. And many of the things you thought you knew about your cat just aren’t true,” reads the website for a documentary called The Lion in Your Living Room.

The producers of this documentary will track a season in the life of a domestic cat. They will follow a handful of kittens as they develop into grown cats, with a focus on what humans think they’re doing and thinking compared to what they’re actually doing and thinking.

The producers at CBC are looking for adventurous and unusual pet cats to star in a film debunking myths about felines.

“What we’re looking for is cats who have a non-human friend — anything unusual,” according to producer Josh Zuckerbrot.

The show is inviting interested cat owners to upload photos of their pets and explanations of their unusual behaviours on their site for a chance to appear in this documentary.