The world’s most influential cities: Forbes

London, England
London, England

London, England is the most influential city in the world, according to a study recently published by Forbes magazine.

The Forbes report said that London remains the most influential, even though Britain has become a ‘second-rate power’ in the world.

New York and Paris took the following 2 spots in the top ten, as the report pointed out that these cities are influential simply due to their history, tradition and “inertia” – they are the most dominant principally because they always have been.

Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo, Japan

If that were true, some may wonder how Toronto made the top 10. But according to Forbes, this study ranked the cities based on their ambition and competitiveness. The magazine simply believes that Toronto is the 10th “most necessary” city in the world. Let’s hope Toronto’s mayor Rob Ford is not going take credit for any of this.

Joel Kotkin, the lead of the study, with urban geographer Ali Modarres, analyst Aaron Renn and demographer Wendell Cox assessed 58 metropolitan areas in eight categories to compile the rankings.

Toronto, Canada
Toronto, Canada

They looked at the amount of foreign investment they have attracted, the concentration of corporate headquarters, business dominance, ease of air travel, financial services, technology and media power and racial diversity.

Kotkin, who analyses political, economic and social trends, said the greatest global cities were once the largest but size is no longer as important.

Of the world’s 10 most populous cities, only Tokyo, New York and Beijing made the top 10 for influence.
Here’s the full top 10 with other honorable mentions:

1. London
2. New York
3. Paris
4. Singapore
5. Tokyo
6. Hong Kong
7. Dubai
8. Sydney (tie)
9. Beijing (tie)
10. Toronto (tie)
14. Houston
16. Seoul
20. Shanghai (tie)
20. Abu Dhabi (tie)
23. Sao Paulo