When life gives you Beyoncé…

Tennis star Serena Williams guest stars in Beyoncé's new 'Sorry' video.
Tennis star Serena Williams guest stars in Beyoncé’s new ‘Sorry’ video.

When Beyoncé gives you Lemonade, you may want to ignore everything said about the lemon.

Countless media reports surfaced about whether or not Mr. Knowles (aka: Jay Z or Shawn Corey Carter) has cheated on our favorite pop icon after she debuted a one-hour highly stylized music video on HBO about life, infidelity and how to keep being a powerful black woman in America.

Still, Queen Bey kept all of you guessing on whether or not she will leave her man after all. But should we care?

She is super talented and all. No one can run the world like she can. But…

By now, she probably already knew if Carter has cheated on her or not.

By now, she should know that she doesn’t need a man to make her happy.

By now, everyone knows she makes just as much, or even more, money than Jay Z.

If that’s not enough for her to leave due to infidelity, God bless the rest of the women in America!