Who are the heaviest drinkers in the world?

Which country drinks the most wine and beer?
Which country drinks the most wine and beer?

Do you know which country drinks the most wine in the world? The answer may shock you!

The Vatican apparently is the country that has the heaviest wine drinkers. People there drank almost 74 litres of wine per person. Czech Republic on the other hand rules supreme as world’s biggest beer consumer with 235 litres of beer drunk per person every year.

Other interesting beer and wine facts include:

  • The US is overtaking wine capital, France, as the top market for wines
  • The most expensive wine ever was sold for $500,000!
  • The best selling beer brand in the world is actually Chinese Snow beer.
  • People who drink Cannonau red wine are more likely to live to be 100 years old
  • The oldest beer brewery opened in the year 1050 in Bavaria, Germany — and it’s still open!

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Beer & Wine: Comparison Of Popular Brands, Surprising Facts And Market Trends

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