World’s worst airlines: report

List of the world's worst airlines
List of the world’s worst airlines

As Canadians, we may often be fed up with high airport service charges and blunt attitudes from our airlines. But compared to the rest of the industry, Canadian carriers are far from the worst.

In a report published by, busy terminals, lost luggage and heavy delays are the prime suspects for a low rating for an airline. Out of thousands of airlines around the world, they have named 15 of them as ‘the worst’ in one way or another, while many of them have received a very poor 2 star rating from Skytrax Global Airline Ratings, which bases its ratings on quality of product and service standards.

1. Air Koryo (North Korea)

2. Bulgaria Air (Bulgaria)

3. 3. Pegasus Airlines (Turkey)

4. Nepal Airlines (Nepal)

5. Spirit Airlines (U.S.A.)

6. SmartWings (Czech Republic)

7. Lion Air (Indonesia)

8. China Eastern Airlines (China)

9. RyanAir (Ireland)

10. Pakistan International Airlines (Pakistan)

11. EasyJet (U.K.)

12. Tigerair (Singapore)

13. United Airlines (U.S.A.)

14. Frontier Airlines (U.S.A.)

15. US Airways (U.S.A.)

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